Monarch's Product M-CMA

M-CMA (Monarch's Credit Monitoring Arrangement)

Monarch Credit Monitoring Arrangement is software for preparing project and calculation of various figures for loan as well as interest calculation, EMI Calculation.

  • Preparation of project report
  • Facility to enter complete quantitative details and auto calculation of various figures of the user details
  • Preparation of CMA Data & Calculation of MPBF as per Tandon and Nayak Committee
  • Preparation of Cash flow & Fund flow statement
  • Availability of term load projection, DSCR Report
  • Availability of auto interest calculation, EMI calculations, Rate of interest calculation, present value & maturity value calculations.
  • Facility for preparation of multiple repayment schedules of the term loan
  • Auto preparation of depreciation chart and term loan interest for estimated and projected years

Nominal Rate of M-CMA :

Installation charges including 1 year service support Rs. 9500.00 * Rs. 12500.00 *
AMC(Annual Maintenance Service Charges or Budget to Budget upgraded) Rs. 2500.00 * Rs. 4500.00 *

Note : * means Amount should be Add with Tax or Less with discount.