Monarch's Product MFC

MFC (Monarch Friend Circle Diary)

MFC Software Monarch Friends Correspondence dairy for managing contacts for friends, family and user defined Groups for maintain record of Special days i.e. Birth Dates, Anniversary, Functions , Special Auctions, with Greeting SMS as well generating labels and Envelopes for the Correspondence for the day.

  • Category/Groupwise maintain person master
  • Maintain family members detail also
  • Envelop/Label/List print with different format
  • SMS/Email enabled
  • Also import SMS from our other products
  • Reminder display for Birthday/Anniversary/Specific day and also send SMS/Email for that

Nominal Rate of MFC :

Installation charges including 1 year service support Rs. 2100.00 * Rs. 4500.00 *
AMC(Annual Maintenance Service Charges or Budget to Budget upgraded) Rs. 2100.00 * Rs. 3100.00 *

Note : * means Amount should be Add with Tax or Less with discount.