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23 Apr 202428A-2404-JMITR-2 for A.Y. 2024-25 is available for Printing
23 Apr 202428A-2404-JMITR-2 for A.Y. 2024-25 is available for E-Filing
19 Apr 202428A-2404-JMTDS: RPU Version 5.1 Updated
19 Apr 202428A-2404-JMTDS: FVU 2.182 Updated for Old F.Y.
19 Apr 202428A-2404-JMTDS: FVU 8.6 Updated
13 Apr 202428A-2404-JLReturn Type Added In Return File Register
13 Apr 202428A-2404-JLSome Changes In process of Deductor Registration On Traces are implemented
13 Apr 202428A-2404-JL15G/15H Directly Upload on Govt.Portal Now Enable
13 Apr 202428A-2404-JLFacility Added in Confirmation of a/c to Copy Data From Previous Serial No.
13 Apr 202428A-2404-JLBank Account Type Print in Computation Option Added
13 Apr 202428A-2404-JLNew Form 10IEA Direct Upload Option Available
13 Apr 202428A-2404-JLAdvance Tax Calculation Enable For A.Y. 2025-26
23 Mar 202427D-2403-JNITR Filing Due Date Print In New Form AY 2024-25
23 Mar 202427D-2403-JNReceipt in Other column has been added in 44ADA
23 Mar 202427D-2403-JNReceipt in Bank column has been added in 44ADA
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02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOAvailability of term load projection, DSCR Report.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOPreparation of project report.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOFacility to enter complete quantitative details and auto calculation of various figures of the user details
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOPreparation of Cash flow && Fund flow statement.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOAvailability of auto interest calculation, EMI calculations, Rate of interest calculation, present value && maturity value calculations.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOFacility for preparation of multiple repayment schedules of the term loan.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOAuto preparation of depreciation chart and term loan interestfor estimated and projected years.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOPreparation of CMA Data && Calculation of MPBF as per Tandon and Nayak Committee.
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22 Mar 201214A-1203-JLParty Bill adjustment manully (Outst. Bill's)
05 Mar 201214A-1203-JLVAT Outstanding Register
02 Mar 201214A-1203-JKTop/Left Margin Set For PDF/Word Report
23 Feb 201214A-1202-JKR/Paid.Rs.(Bill Modify) From Vendor Ledg.(PgUp)
23 Feb 201214A-1202-JKVat Calculation without Item Bill Format also
22 Feb 201214A-1202-JKR/Paid.Rs.(To Bill adj) From Vendor Ledg.(PgDn)
14 Feb 201214A-1202-JKGo to A/c or Book, Back (By Use Key [ ])
09 Feb 201214A-1202-JKPayment & Received Bills Diff. Adjustment thru JV.
07 Feb 201214A-1202-JKAuto Updated Closing Stock (Rs.) by Parameter
07 Feb 201214A-1202-JKSales-Purchase Book Code Change (Alt+B)
29 Dec 201113D-1112-JKExport T.D.S. Sales File for Monarch's I-Tax.
29 Dec 201113D-1112-JKT.D.S. while Sales Entry (Formulae= Nutral)
27 Dec 201113D-1112-JKSeprate Posting,Non-Posting Entry by Parameter
07 Dec 201113D-1112-JKParty+Qualitywise+Discount Effect by Parameter
16 Nov 201113D-1111-JKPrevious Bill Item copy By Parameter
29 Jun 20123B-1206-JLNew Sheduale Added for Depreciation
26 Jun 20123B-1206-JLNew Sheduale Added for Fixed Assets
25 Jun 20123B-1206-JLNew Sheduale Added for Capital A/c.
24 Jun 20123B-1206-JLData Import Pickup Customized Path Setting
01 May 20123A-1201-JKNew Version Release
17 Dec 20112C-1112-JKDirect Login To www.i-tax.in
24 Nov 20112B-1111-JKAuto Update Facility Incorporated
09 Oct 20112B-1109-JNBalance Sheet : Toogle Year Data Navigate
15 Sep 20112B-1109-JPBalance Sheet : Previous Year Data Display while entry
23 Aug 20112B-1108-JQForm 3CB : New format incorporated
20 Aug 20112B-1108-JPChange user without logout
16 Aug 20112B-1108-JOAdd Menu Icons
14 Aug 20112B-1108-JNAdd Application Theme And Background Image
08 Aug 20112B-1108-JMNew Login Form Add Ragistration and Database Restore Facality
01 Aug 201104B-1106-JKCarry forward data to next year.
01 Mar 202416D-2403-JKTDS: RPU Version 5.0 Updated
01 Mar 202416D-2403-JKTDS: FVU 2.181 Updated for Old F.Y.
01 Mar 202416D-2403-JKTDS: FVU 8.5 Updated
24 Nov 202316C-2311-JNTDS: RPU Version 4.9 Updated.
24 Nov 202316C-2311-JNTDS: FVU 2.180 Updated for old Financial Year.
24 Nov 202316C-2311-JNTDS: FVU 8.4 Updated
11 Oct 202316C-2310-JLTDS: RPU Version 4.8 Updated
11 Oct 202316C-2310-JLTDS: FVU 2.179 Updated for old F.Y.
11 Oct 202316C-2310-JLTDS: FVU 8.3 Updated
08 Sep 202316B-2309-JLDeductee opting out of taxation regime u/s 115BAC (1A) For From 27Q & 27EQ
08 Sep 202316B-2309-JLNew Sec. added 194BA in 26Q/27Q from A.Y.24-25
08 Sep 202316B-2309-JLNew Sec. added 194BA-P in 26Q/27Q from A.Y.24-25
08 Sep 202316B-2309-JLNew Sec. added 194NC in 26Q/27Q from A.Y.24-25
08 Sep 202316B-2309-JLNew Sec. added 194N-FT in 26Q/27Q from A.Y.24-25
08 Sep 202316B-2309-JLNew Sec. added 206C-T in 27EQ from A.Y.24-25
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02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOEasy transaction module for joint transaction.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOEmail facility from GUI report to client.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOPer transaction wise entry manage for fast accessing data.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOImport data from TXT/FVU file.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOEntry validate while making transaction.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOMaintain Filer, Pincode, Office/Branch master.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOReport export to many formats.
14 Jul 20122.1Pincode Master of All Over India Added
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOEnvelop/Label/List print with different format.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOAlso import SMS from our other products.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOSMS/Email enabled.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOReminder display for Birthday/Anniversary/Specific day and also send SMS/Email for that.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOMaintain family members detail also.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOCategory/Groupwise maintain person master.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOMaintain Supplier, Buyer, Transporter, Bank City Master.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOMaintain transporter data like Name, LR No., Date in Sales.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOSupplier, Buyer wise Payment Voucher Generation.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOFull Adjustment & Part Adjustment in Payment Voucher.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOMaintain Goods Return (GR) with Stock & Amount.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOView Payment Details from Sales Module.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOGenerate Report like (Sales Register, Outstanding Register, Buyer wise Ledger, Supplier wise Ledger).
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOSMS facility incorporated.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOSend Multiple SMS from Sales Data.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOMultiple SMS template creation for sending SMS.
22 Aug 20124.3ITR-6 of A.Y.2012-2013 Updated.
01 Aug 20124.2ITR-5 of A.Y.2012-2013 Updated
16 Jun 20124.1ITR-2,3,4 of A.Y.2012-2013 Updated.
13 May 20124.0ITR-4s of A.Y.2012-2013 Updated.
11 May 20124.0ITR-1 of A.Y.2012-2013 Updated.
10 May 20124.0Acknowledgement of A.Y.2012-2013 Updated.
28 Feb 20123.3Print Your Firm Detail On ITR
28 Feb 20123.3ITR Report Direct Email Facility
28 Feb 20123.3ITR Report Export to Many Formats
28 Feb 20123.3UpTo A.Y.2011-2012 Updation Incorporated
01 Apr 20113.3Print ITR form in GUI format from xml.
01 Apr 20113.3Print ITR in associate year format.
01 Apr 20113.3Auto recognized ITR & Year.
01 Apr 20113.3Also print acknowledgement for the same.
01 Apr 20113.3Report exports to various formats.
01 Oct 20121A-1201-JKNew Version Update
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKAllow to enter challan without transaction.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKImport data from TXT, FVU, Excel, Bank Statement.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKSave all GUI reports automatic in PDF format.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKEmail facility from GUI report to client.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKFVU File generate automatic.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKCSI file download automatic.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKInterest calculation for late payment.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKChallan breakup register.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKExport data to CSV file.
01 Apr 201205A-1202-JKTax category && section auto load from last transaction.
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02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOGenerate XML file from excel file for upload return to government website.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOBulk XML files generation.
02 Jul 201216B-1206-JOEasy predefine excel format.
02 Jul 20122.0Mail Facility Incorporated In Report.
02 Jul 20122.0Before XML File Generate XML File Tested In Validator Utility.
01 Apr 20111.0Report exports to PDF formats.
01 Apr 20111.0Print ITR Form with Acknowledgement in G.U.I. format from Excel Sheet.
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